Hi lovely people! We have 3 important things to share with you:

  • Tickets
    After some last calculations (number of volunteers, musicians, teachers, etc), we found we have room for a few more people. So we’re selling a very small amount of weekend tickets (Thu-Sun). They will become available TUESDAY 9 OCT AT 20:00 on the website.
  • Sleeping (relevant for people on the waitlist only):
    We have some extra sleeping places in the CaDansa Sleep-in. We’re e-mailing the first people on the waitlist now. So, if you’re on the waitlist:
    Please keep an eye on your e-mail this week! If we e-mail you, you have 24h to react. If you don’t want the ticket, please ALSO react! There are 98 people on the list, but many will have already arranged another sleeping place. So if everybody reacts fast, we can reach the people who still need a ticket!
  • Campers
    If you’d like to sleep in your camper, car or van during CaDansa, please e-mail us at questions@cadansa.nl. We will give you more information via e-mail.
    (this is not necessary if you’ve already arranged something with the Horsterhof farm).

See you soon!

Want to enjoy your summer dancing? How about this walz of Faburden! They’ll play at Friday at CaDansa 🙂

We’re getting in the mood of this video already!! But sometimes, looking back is fun as well. That’s why we now made playlists of video’s at our YouTube Channel. Happy moments in between dancing, memorable performance at the main and open stage, workshops… A lot has been recorded! Such as this impression of the very first edition in 2012:

If you’re visiting one of the many great balfolk festivals this summer, you might walk in to our pretty new poster 🙂 The most amazing Maartje de Goede, our house-designer from the very beginning of CaDansa, worked her magic again and created a new poster full of summer ánd indian summer feelings! Do you want to spread the bumblebee troughout Europe? Sent us a message or just try to find one of the organizers of CaDansa and ask for some posters, like Cecilia at Gennetines the coming weeks!

Poster CaDansa 2018

What would CaDansa be without her great swarm of wonderful volunteers! They take care of cleaning, our musicians, all beers and a countless amount of other tasks ! And above all: they are a big part of the one and only CaDansa-feeling 🙂

Do you want to join the team as worker bee and make CaDansa happen? Please register via this form! As a lot of teams are (almost) full, it would be helpful if you fill in more then one team of your preference.

In exchange for volunteering you’ll get access to the whole festival, including the special wednesday night for volunteers, you’ll receive a t-shirt and we’ll take care of food, drinks and a place to sleep, and, not unimportantly, we’ll be eternal grateful and you’ll get an unforgettable experience.

If you register as a potential volunteer, we’ll get in touch with you within two weeks.

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