CaDansa 2021 update

16 June 2021

We know: Covid-19 is so last year and we are all done with it. Fortunately, there are some positive developments in the Netherlands and we are hopeful that we can organise CaDansa 2021 for you after all. This is not yet 100 percent certain. We have to adhere to the rules of the Dutch government in this regard.

It is therefore still unclear for us how exactly CaDansa 2021 will be like. This still depends on the Covid-19 rules in October in the Netherlands and abroad – after all, people come to CaDansa from all over Europe. It now seems like the festival is possible without the mandatory 1,5 meters away from one another, as long as everyone tests negative for Covid-19 before (and possibly during) the festival.

Not all of the regulations are completely clear yet, such as whether people who have already been vaccinated do not need to be tested, which tests are allowed and how we can facilitate this as an organisation. If a negative corona-test is mandatory in October, we cannot make any exceptions.

And yet: with this we can dance like it’s 2019 again, give each other hugs and have a relatively low-risk festival together.

The CaDansa team has not stopped working on this years edition and is already busy with the preparations. For now, we will of course also keep an eye on the developments around Covid-19 for you and we will regularly update you about the current measures. An FAQ page has been set up for questions and updates about Covid-19. Do you still have questions? Don’t worry, you can always contact us!

Do you want to know more about CaDansa? You can read about it in our latest newsletter!

CaDansa 2020 Contest

22 October 2020

While we can’t celebrate CaDansa traditionally this year, we still want to stay in the CaDansa-spirit, and celebrate with you all. We’re curious about your CaDansa-feeling.

This time not a coloring competition, but we’ll leave it up to you and your creativity. So: craft, cut, paste, photograph, write, draw, dance your feelings for CaDansa and share it with us. Leave it on our Facebook page, send us a message with your creation or e-mail it to We’ll gladly share your creations with everyone.

And, for extra motivation: we’ll have a ticket to CaDansa 2021 for the creation that represents the CaDansa-feels the best – and okay, the most beautiful, creative, fun or special. Send in your creation before Sunday 19.00 CET, when CaDansa usually ends… Monday we’ll announce the winner.

Two of our organisers (Wouko and Selena) have already been creative with this assignment. How will you surprise us?

CaDansa 2020 – Activities

21 October 2020

Tomorrow we would have seen you all again at another edition of CaDansa. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do this due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That doesn’t mean we’ll let this just sadly go by. Read more about the CaDansa-weekend of 2020 in our latest newsletter. To give you a tiny sneak peek: it includes a recipe from Sacha (Zoetzenzatie)!

Read all about it here 😊

No CaDansa in 2020

27 June 2020

Unfortunately we had to make the hard decision as well: this year there will be no CaDansa. The Dutch government has cancelled all big events, most likely until there is a vaccine. If there will be big events allowed before that, it will probably be while having to keep 1,5 meter distance.

This way we can’t guarantee you the CaDansa you love so much: the wonderful balfolk festival full of crazy bands, funny games and beautiful connections. That’s why we decided to cancel CaDansa 2020. We expect to be back in full force for CaDansa 2021, to make an amazing 9th edition with all of you. Of course we’ll keep all the wonderful music and lovely dances, just like you’re used to.

In the meanwhile: stay healthy, keep distance from each other and don’t forget to support Balfolk in these hard times. You can do this several ways, listen to Balfolk on Spotify, watch a livestream of and/or donate to your favorite artist if you can. And let them know you’re not forgetting about them 😉 . We hope to see you all in good health at CaDansa 2021! As soon as the date for CaDansa 2021 is set, we’ll let you know in all the usual ways.

Of course we’ll make CaDansa 2021 a great edition. In the meantime you can support us – we don’t have a festival this year, but unfortunately we do have expenses (like this website) – by donating. You can find more information about donating on the donation page.

Do you have other questions? Check our FAQ here.

We haven’t been posting a lot lately. We miss you all terribly, and the corona pandemic is keeping us pretty busy. We’re trying to figure out a lot of questions. Can our dancers and musicians from abroad come to the Netherlands in October, what will the world be like then, could we make a balfolk event possible in a society where we have to keep 1.5 metre distance?

To give us a little more time to respond to the big changes in society, we’ve decided to move the start of the ticket sales. Instead of on May 16th, it will start on Saturday July 25th at 12:00 noon CEST.

Of course, we hope that we will be able to make CaDansa 2020 happen in the way you’re used to, while following the guidelines of the Dutch government. We’ll keep you posted! In the meanwhile: stay healthy, keep distance from each other and don’t forget to support Balfolk in these hard times. You can do this in several ways: listen to balfolk music on Spotify, watch a livestream and/or donate to your favorite artists if you can. And let them know you’re not forgetting about them ;). We hope to see you all in good health at CaDansa!

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