Workshop registrations

3 October 2022

We’ve put the finishing touches on our workshop program (and even added a few more 🤩). Therefore, barring exceptional circumstances, the workshop program is final! That also means that it’s clear which workshops will require registrations, and we can open those registrations. That will happen at Wednesday October 5th, at 16:00 CET to be precise. So… Choice overload, time to pick which workshops to attend!

Picture by Ork fotografie

Workshop program

12 September 2022

CaDansa doesn’t only have great bands, but we also welcome some amazing workshop teachers! We offer more than 20 workshops this time around (some are offered more than once), and we are proud to present this years’ workshop program. Please do note that some details are not set in stone, and the program might change. We will have all this sorted out before the registration for the workshops with limited participants will open 😉.

Picture by Ronald Rietman

Open stage registration

4 September 2022

We’ve opened the registration for our open stage! 🤩 Do you want to shine on stage during CaDansa 2022? Do sign up! You can find the necessary information on our open stage page.

Picture by Ronald Rietman

Change in the bands

25 August 2022

Unfortunately, we would have loved to see them, but Duo Rodriguez-Franceschini can’t be there this CaDansa. Don’t worry, Exqueezit is there to rescue the day!
Exqueezit is the name of the duo Bert Leemans (chromatic button accordion) and Erik de Jong (piano accordion). Bert is known from bands like Embrun and Airboxes, Erik plays in for example Itchy Fingers and the Gonnagles. With a mutual respect for each other’s music background and playing style (Erik more Irish/Scottish and Bert more balfolk), Bert and Erik perform wonderful balfolk with both French/Flemish and Celtic influences. Whether you’re dancing or listening, it’s always a pleasure. Exqueezit will take over the time slot of Duo Rodriguez-Franceschini and will open the ball on Thursday!


We still owe you the solution to our (pretty hard!) puzzle. If you looked at our website, you might have already found your missing bands in our main stage program. It’s time to reveal that our mice, in fact, dance on the table when the cat’s away 💃.

And, the last piece of design for now: our poster 🐭. You will see it at Balfolk events soon! We hope to see you all at CaDansa this year, to dance without a care in the world 🧡.

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