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Thursday 18th of October

  • 18.30 hrs Dance instruction – the basics of Balfolk
    A crash course in Balfolk dances!
  • 19.15 hrs Duo de Schepper – Sanczuk (Be)
    Anouk Sanczuk, fiddle player, and guitarist Florian De Schepper created Duo De Schepper-Sanczuk in 2015. Both were raised in families where playing an instrument at a young age was normal. As kids, they often went to folk music festivals and concerts. It made them decide to learn to play this style of music and so, as teenagers, both joined their first folk band and played on many folk festivals in Belgium and The Netherlands.
    Several years later, after playing on stages around Europe and beyond with different folk- and jazz projects, they decided to start up a fiddle-guitar duo. After 2 years of playing inthis new formation, Anouk and Florian finished their first album “Perron 12” with all self-made compositions. Having studied both classical and jazz music at the conservatory of music, the songs written by Florian and Anouk contain elements of different genres, often leaving space for improvisation without losing their Flemish folk roots. But also French musette, Irish folk, Brasilian choro and Balkan tonalities are some examples of inspiration You will find in their tunes. Duo De Schepper-Sanczuk tries to let the listeners and dansers expand the boundaries of folk music through up-tempo, energetic but also intimate and lyrical melodies.
  • 21.00 hrs ‘Ndiaz (Fr)
    With a solid background acquired at the Fest Noz festivals, these four bandmates lay out their vision of trance with danceable music open to the world. Youn Kamm gives his trumpet-playing an eastern flair, from Lebanon and Turkey. Yann Le Corre has imbued his playing with Brazilian forrò. Jérôme Kerihuel has perfected his percussion technique in India. As for Timothée Le Bour, his saxophone resonates like a Romanian taragot.
  • 23.00 hrs BmB Light (Nl)
    After having shined on Cadansa 2015 they are back, but this time in a slimmed format. Only three men remain of the original six. But they are the heart and core of the band, and of the music they play. Where in many balfolkbands instrumental music is what it is all about BmB has chosen for songs instead with the monumental voice from Luc Plompen as main attractor. With lyrics in mostly Dutch, but some French and even English they sweeten not only the dancers’ feet but also their ears. Niek van Uden functions as backbone on his accordeon and Wouter Kuyper polishes everything up with his flutes and pipes. From beautiful bourrées to soothing mazurkas and from whirling waltzes to humming hanterdros (there) and back again.

Friday 19th of October

  • 18.00 hrs Naragonia Quartet (Be)
    More than an extension of the duo, Naragonia Quartet has developed a separate repertoire and unique sound. They are guaranteed to provide an evening of beautiful, energetic music for a concert or dance. Maarten Decombel (mandola and guitare) and Luc Pilartz (violin) join Toon and Pascale to create a musical universe with a festive atmosphere.
  • 20.15 hrs Floating Sofa Quartet (Dk/S/Fin)
    Floating Sofa Quartet is a modern Nordic folk music ensemble consisting of four young musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Finland. With a unique combination of acoustic instruments the quartet performs handmade music with a scent of dewy pine trees, salty sea breezes and freshly brewed coffee. The repertoire of Floating Sofa Quartet is a mixture of own compositions and traditional pieces from their respective countries: tender melodies and feisty dance tunes are performed with intriguing harmonies, intensity, humor and the warm sound of wooden instruments. Take a seat on the sofa and float away!
  • 22.30 hrs Faburden (Fr)
    Faburden finds his identity in traditional music from the Gascogne intertwined with modern music, Rock and other musical experiments. This results in danceable music which changes constantly.
    The traditional instruments (hurdy gurdy, violin and bagpipes) accompanied with drums, are creating timeless music, which sometimes sounds old and other times modern.
  • 01.00 hrs Les Balchimistes (Fr)
    Here is a whole new duo, where Michaël Bideault and Franck Chenal (from Accordzéâm) make you dance to the sound of a diatonic accordion, percussions… and a loop station.
    One dance after another, you will hear numerous personnal compositions, as well as some known folk musics. Le Balchimiste is a character: it’s the role that allows Michaël to experiment different musical expressions and their effect on the dancer’s feeling. In short, come to this neotrad’ bal and try to seek for the alchemy between dance and music!

Saturday 20th of October

  • 16.00 hrs EmBRUN (Be)
    Imagine a festival tent to the brim filled with a lively dancing audience, on stage an equally lively folk band all sweaty and playing with abandon. That’s what characterizes a performance by EmBRUN. These gentlemen transmit masses of energy into their audience making them almost explode. EmBRUN’s music is traditionally rooted, spiced up with contemporary, often progressive sounds and rhythms.
  • 18.00 hrs Solomalé (Fr)
    Five Frenchies from the far Cevennes decided to hit the road in the wide world in order to put it under our dancing feet. From their travels and lives they brought back a mountain of
    Bulgaria, Greek, Catalan, Quechua and Gipsy songs. Today their feelings and voices melt into a waltz, a bourree, a mazurka, transforming songs from afar into dances from nearby.
    From a swaying Scottish on warm Sephardic chants to the bel canto of a Sicilian polka, neither ears nor toes escape the vibration. A musicality on the verge that opens the heart and
    suits both concert and dancefloor.
  • 20.15 hrs Veûn(Fr)
    “Veûn” is the cattleman’s call to the herd that can still be heard nowadays in the countryside of Auvergne. Florent Paulet, Brice Rivey, Cyril Couchoux and Pascal Chapuis tell a common tale, a common love for this region and its music. Old friendship, new music, inspired by the field recordings of the mountains of the centre of France. Listen to the ball or dance to the concert!
  • 22.15 hrs Accordzéâm (Fr)
    On stage, Accordzéâm’s musicians jump, twirl, spin, and… Dance! A real ball of passion mixing complicit glances, jokes and even headbanging!
  • 00.45 hrs Trio14 (Be)
    Trio14’s 14 strings not only make music, but also make you want to dance, constantly looking to introduce diversity to the music without loosing the accent, groove or rhythmic beats to which you can dance as much as listen!

Sunday 21th of October

  • 13.00 hrs Nubia (Nl)
    Nubia brings respect for silence in a musical sense to dancers. Inspired by clouds performed on guitar and mandolin they combine contemporary balfolk music with lyrics. The delicate melodies are full of grace and intimacy. This creates a dreamy sound experience stimulating people to be together and to be happy. The philosophy of Nubia is that beauty and quality are more important than the number of notes in a melody.
  • 14.45 hrs Aérokorda (Be)
    Aérokorda is a young folk band from Belgium that plays energetic, yet sometimes restrained folk music with Celtic and Slavic influences. Pavel Souvandjiev (violin), Adriaan Van
    Wonterghem (Guitars) and Davy Cautaerts (Tin Whistles and Octave Mandolin) formed the band in October 2016.
  • 16.45 hrs Cocanha (Fr)
    Three voices, grounded, resonant, moving with sharp and edgy percussions. Tolosa is the trio’s meeting point who proudly sings its Occitan language of daily life, an absolute playground for them. The three musicians dig into the traditional repertoire and incorporate this sonorous and vivid material. They emphasise its dancing nature and deliver it as a exuberant percussive polyphony.
  • 18.30 – 19.30 hrs Festival closure


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