Good news: we have a date!

15 December 2021

Despite the fact that the past year has been a bit quiet when it comes to live balfolk dancing and playing – we don’t need to explain the reason anymore – that does not mean that we have been sitting on our hands at CaDansa, on the contrary!  Preparations for the new edition are in full swing and the first meetings with the team have already been completed. And we have the first important announcement: we have a confirmed date for 2022!

Mark in your calendar
We will celebrate CaDansa 2022 with you on Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 October, at the well-known location in Steenwijk.

Now that we have a date, you can already look for a place to sleep for you and all your dancing friends. We are busy making some great deals for overnight stays in or near Steenwijk with CaDansa, but that’s not set in stone yet. You can always book now, but if you want to book a sleeping spot with a discount, we advise you to wait until the deals are made.

And now, to the planning
For the die-hard timetable-enthusiasts: the program is not yet known. We’re fast, but not that fast  😊 And, maybe more important: we like to keep that a surprise for you! Half the fun is the anticipation, isn’t it? We are already bouncing with enthusiasm, we hope you are too.

Until the next!
For now, we wish you very happy holidays and a beautiful 2022. We hope to see you all again in October for a dance, or two, or a hundred…!

CaDansa 2022 op komst
Photo by Orkfotografie

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