CaDansa 2016

20 – 23 October 2016, Duiven

We collected some videos and photos of CaDansa 2016 here. Time to bring back memories! Do you miss something? Please contact us so that we can add it.




Arne de Laat:

Ork de Rooij:

Ronald Rietman

  • Thursday
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  • Saturday
  • Sunday

    Photos by visitors

    Samuel Facebook
    Goncalo Facebook
    Sassankowe Fotki Facebook Facebook
    Rob Wevers Facebook
    Martin Chlebek Facebook

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    Ecocup tower (Facebook)


  • Prefestival CaDaily
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  • CaDaily Sunday 23 October
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    Other media

  • Jubilerend CaDansa overtuigt in zalige diversiteit [Jubilee CaDansa convices in diversity] – report for Folkforum by Mirjam Adriaanse
  • Playlist Silent Disco Vrijdag
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