CaDansa in its current form is not possible without the help of many enthusiastic volunteers. CaDansa is more than happy with all the new and experienced volunteers who join the team. Below you can find more information about volunteering at our festival.

What can you expect when you volunteer at CaDansa? Of course, a whole lot of fun and dancing!

This is what you’ll get from us because of your awesome work for CaDansa:

  • Full entrance to the festival, to enjoy during and outside your volunteer shifts;
  • A discount on the official CaDansa t-shirt (which will of course feature this year’s mascot);
  • A sleeping place, pending availability;
  • Food and drinks during the festival (breakfast and lunch in the volunteer lounge, dinner at our caterer’s).

But we do ask for some work in return for all this, in order to make CaDansa happen. In previous years, volunteers worked shifts of approximately 6 hours per day. You’ll work in a team with a team captain who will explain more and make a schedule. Usually volunteers are working from Thursday until Sunday, unless you are in one of the construction / deconstruction teams.

Later this year you can sign up as a volunteer via this page. Do you want to know more now? Contact us!

Do you want to know more about helping CaDansa before the festival starts? Check the other options at ‘Working for CaDansa’ on our website.


By now you’re probably wondering what teams we have at CaDansa. A short overview:


This team keeps our musicians and workshop teachers happy and the artists backstage content. The artists are only with us during the festival, which means that this team only needs to be there during the festival days.


This team makes sure that our visitors won’t die of thirst :). They make the bar area one big party and sell our wonderful assortment of drinks to the visitors.

Box office / merch

This team sells tickets, tokens, CaDansa-shirts and of course the merchandise of the bands. These can be paid with cash or debit card, and the sales are recorded in a cash register system.

Cleaning / housekeeping

 This team helps keep the festival nice and clean. This way, we won’t stick to the dance floor and we’re able to carelessly walk around on our socks :).


This team makes sure that Rabo Theater de Meenthe is transformed into a CaDansa wonderland! They meet a couple of times before the festival to make all the wonderful decorations. Since they meet beforehand and are active during the pre- and deconstruction of the festival, they’re free to roam around during the festival itself :).

First Aid

This team fixes up visitors, volunteers, musicians, workshop teachers and lost organisers if they’ve got hurt. It is important that you have a valid First Aid certificate when you want to join this team.


This team pampers the muscles of artists and volunteers. This way, they’re able to continue dancing :). It is important that you have demonstrable experience with massage if you want to join this team.


This team makes sure that our daily newsletter, CaDaily, gets published. They collect interesting content, format it, and make sure it gets printed and handed out. They also share the festival fun on the CaDansa social media accounts.

Pre-festival construction and / or post-festival deconstruction

You’re more than welcome to help out before and/or after the festival, if you’re also in another team! When signing up, please select at least one other team if you choose this one. This team makes sure that CaDansa is constructed and also deconstructed.

Stewards / entrance

This team checks the tickets of the visitors when they arrive, makes sure they get the right wrist band and occasionally makes a round through the building.

Sleeping spots

This team sets up the sleeping spots, receives volunteers and visitors who have booked a spot through CaDansa, and make sure everything is neat and tidy at the end of the festival.  Since this team is responsible for the safety of the volunteer sleeping location, joining this team may mean that you have to do some night shifts. BHV certificates (it’s a Dutch thing) are very welcome in this team, but not necessary to join it.  

Sound technicians

This team makes sure that we’re able to hear the people on stage and that the music sounds as amazing as can be. It is important that you have demonstrable experience with sound engineering if you want to join this team.


This team is ready when they’re needed. Do we suddenly need some more groceries? Does someone need to be taken to a doctor? Did someone in another team become ill? These heroes jump to the task when necessary!


This team moves around artists and volunteers when needed, and sometimes other people or things. If you would like to join this team, it is important that you have a valid driver’s licence and can come to CaDansa by car. 

Visitor information stand / consigne

This team loves to point our visitors in the right direction. When does which band play? Where is the bathroom? This team knows the answers to all the questions! As if that isn’t enough, there is also space to safely store your instrument here, which is also managed by this amazing team.


This team makes sure everything goes smoothly during the workshops and makes sure everything is prepared beforehand. Does the sound system work, is there some water ready for the workshop teachers, etc. If you’ve joined this team, you’re only busy during the workshops and you’re able to see almost everything of the ball. This team makes sure everything goes smoothly during the workshops and makes sure everything is prepared beforehand. Does the sound system work, is there some water ready for the workshop teachers, etc. They may also be asked to help with some small jobs, for example if we forgot to put a table somewhere.


Only choose this option when we’ve contacted you beforehand. There are a few jobs that aren’t mentioned in the teams above. Did we ask you to do one of these jobs? Choose this option when signing up :).

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