How to get there

Adress of the festival location

Community Centre the OGtent

Remigiusplein 9
6921 ES Duiven
The Netherlands

Adress of the main parking

Kastanjelaan 7
6921 ER Duiven
The Netherlands

Route by car

  • Take motorway exit Duiven next to the Van der Valk hotel from the A12 to Duiven.
  • At the end of the exit – turn right (Westsingel)
  • At the roundpen turn left (3rd exit – Westervoort, Duiven, Loo)
  • At the traffic lights – turn left (Rijksweg) (Centrum)
  • Continue on this road and at the roundabout take the 2nd exit.
  • Continue the road again and at the roundabout take the 2nd exit. (30 km/h)
  • Continue the road until the bifurcation
  • Turn right (Kastanjelaan)
  • On the left you find the parking in front of the Lidl supermarket.
  • You can park here.
  • Behind the Lidl you find Het Remigiusplein
  • Opposite of the church you find the OGtent.

Parking in Duiven

At the time of CaDansa, it is busy in Duiven, so it could be that you need to go around and find a place to park. Some parking places are marked with a blue line, this means that (during the day) you can only park for 1h30, with a blue card that shows your time of arrival. Pay attention to this, otherwise you might get a fine. The best spots are found by using Kastanjelaan 7, 6921 ER Duiven as adress for your navigation.


There might be maintenance on the railroad. Make sure to check your travel plans on the website of the NS, the Dutch Railway company, and see whether there alterations in your travel scheme.

  • Travel to train station Duiven (near Arnhem),
  • Cross the railway at the station and follow the sign ‘alle richtingen’ (all directions);
  • walk through the park;
  • At shopping mall Elshofpassage, cross the ceiled passage of the mall;
  • You see the building of DE OGTENT at the square.

Public transport in the Netherlands

OV Chip card

In the Netherlands travelling by public transport requires an OV chip card; comparable to the Oyster card used in London. You can buy an anonymous OV chip card for €7.50 at the station and charge it with the amount of money you’ll need for your journey; a single journey Schiphol-Duiven will cost you €18.16 without discount. A single journey Arnhem-Duiven is €2.50.

One-time ticket

If you don’t plan on travelling any more than just to and from CaDansa, you may be better off buying a one-time ticket at Schiphol (a paper ticket with a chip that can be used once) or (even easier) to just by an e-ticket online in advance. The good part about an e-ticket is that you won’t have the hassle of checking in and out. Do keep your ID nearby, they might check it! Buy your e-ticket at the e-ticket machine

More information about train travel in the Netherlands at:
the national railway’s website or at: public transport website (includes buses)


From Schiphol airport

From Schiphol Airport you can take the train to Arnhem; there are direct trains or you can change trains in Utrecht. In Arnhem you take the train to Duiven (direction Winterswijk, second stop: about ten minutes). Take care if you are traveling with an OV chip card: you’ll have to check out with your chip card from NS (the national railways) and check in at ARRIVA (local railway). The check-in posts usually stand next to each other. Schiphol-Duiven will take you about 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes. From Duiven station it’s about a 15 minute walk to the OGtent, the venue where CaDansa will be held.

From Airport Weeze (Germany)

From airport Weeze you can catch a transfer bus to Arnhem: shuttle service
These buses stop at the Gelredome, the football stadium. The transfer takes about 70 minutes. From the stadium you can catch a bus to station Arnhem and there you can catch the train to Duiven (train in the direction of Winterswijk). The train journey Arnhem-Duiven will cost you about ten minutes. Take care when checking in with your OV chip card in Arnhem that you check in at ARRIVA, the local railways, not NS (the national railways), as the track Arnhem-Duiven is owned by Arriva.

From Airport Eindhoven

From Airport Eindhoven you can take the bus to Eindhoven station. From Eindhoven you need to take the train to ‘s Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) – that’s direction Utrecht. In ‘s Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) change trains to Arnhem (direction Zwolle). In Arnhem you can take the train to Duiven (direction Winterswijk). Eindhoven-Duiven is about 1 hr 50 minutes by train and costs €17,55 (single journey, no discount).


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