When can I buy my ticket?

At the 19th of May the ticketsale will start with the sale of Heartwarming Support Extras and weekend tickets. The sleeping tickets will start selling on August 8th at 19.00 and the day tickets will be on sale starting September 6th. Read more about the tickets on our tickets page.

Is it a problem that my own name isn’t on the ticket?

No, the tickets are not namebound. You don’t have to arrange anything to make the ticket yours.

What are Heart Warming Support Extras?

Buying a HWS Extra will not grant you access to the festival, but it’s a financial support of CaDansa. By selling these HWS extras, the CaDansa organization is less depended on subsidy and it enables to keep organizing CaDansa. There’re several kinds of HWS extras. Read more about these special extras at this information page.


Is it possible to join a workshop without visiting the festival?

Actually it’s not possible to buy only a ticket for workshops. If you really, really want to, you should send an email to discuss.


What kind of location will be the festival held? How many people will come?

CaDansa will take place at the cultural centre the OGtent (Duiven, the Netherlands), just like the last 3 editions of the festival. You’ll find more information about the location on their website.
We think we’ve got space for about ¬†500 dancers and some extra space for the musicians who would like to dance.

Duiven? How do I get there?

Duiven is located nearby Arnhem. It’s got a train station and on the Saturday evening there will go trains regularly. Read more information on how to get there and on transportation in the Netherlands at the page ‘How to get there‘.

Where can I sleep?

We’ve worked hard to find some places to sleep for good prices. We’ve collected them under the accommodations tab.

I found some place else to sleep, you didn’t recommended, should I do something?

Glad to hear that you found a place to sleep. If you want to tell about it, just send en email to questions@cadansa.nl


Can I buy food on the festival?

Yes, there will be food stands  again, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten / lactose / sugar free options


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