CaDansa & Covid-19

Will CaDansa still be happening with Covid-19 in the world?

We would’ve loved to say a resounding YES! to this question, but uncertainty still remains in a way. However, seeing how everything is opening up and returning to the way things used to be, we think CaDansa will be possible in 2022!

Why were CaDansa 2021 en 2020 cancelled?

There was still too much uncertainty for us to be able to make CaDansa happen in October 2020 and 2021 as you were used to: the wonderful balfolk festival full of fantastic bands, fun games, joyful encounters, hugs and dances. The risks and uncertainties surrounding possible (changing) rules for social-distancing, mask-wearing and visitor-numbers, here in the Netherlands as well as abroad, were too big for CaDansa. Continuing down this road towards October, with perhaps a cancellation later on, could have meant that CaDansa would no longer have been possible at all in the future. That is the last thing we wanted, and that is why we had to make this decision with great reluctance and sadness.

What about the coronavirus in the Netherlands?

Each country has their own way of dealing with the virus. Our decisions are based on information, rules and guidelines from the government of the Netherlands. You can find the latest information and more at Rijksoverheid.

Could CaDansa be possible within those 1,5 meter boundaries?

Technically, CaDansa could be possible with the social distancing rules. But if the 1,5 meter distance were to be maintained, we could welcome far fewer dancers to our festival. In addition, many balfolk dances wouldn’t be possible, except perhaps with one fixed dance-partner. This would drastically change the atmosphere, which is very important to us, and it wouldn’t really be CaDansa that way.

CaDansa 2022

When is CaDansa 2022?

CaDansa 2022 will be happening 20 – 23 October in Steenwijk(NL). Before you book your sleeping spot: we’re working on deals with accommodations in the area. Of course, you’re free to already rent an accommodation, but keep an eye out for better deals. As soon as we’ve got it all worked out, we’ll post them on our website and announce it on our socials.

What did we miss when there was no CaDansa 2020 and no CaDansa 2021? Which bands would have played?

We have invited all bands and workshop teachers that would have come to CaDansa for a next edition. So we would like to keep that a surprise!


Where will the festival be held?

CaDansa will take place in Steenwijk, at the Rabo Theater de Meenthe.

Steenwijk? How do I get there?

Steenwijk has a train station that is connected to most big cities in The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen). There is parking space around the theater. You can find more information on how to get there and on transportation in the Netherlands at the page ‘How to get there‘.


Where can I sleep?

As soon as our accommodation deals are all set in stone, you can find them all listed on our accommodations page.

Is there a special festival location to sleep, like there used to be in Duiven?

We don’t have a place like that for this moment. We are trying hard to get this organised, but we cannot guarantee we will succeed. As soon as we have more information on this topic, we will share it on this website and our socials.

I found some place else to sleep that you didn't recommend, should I do something?

Glad to hear that you found a place to sleep! If you want to tell about it, just send en email to questions@cadansa.nl


Is it possible to join a workshop without visiting the festival?

No, it’s not possible to buy only a ticket for workshops. A day ticket gives entrance to the workshops of that day, a full festival or weekend ticket gives entrance to all workshops.


Can I buy food at the festival?

Yes, there will be food stands again, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten / lactose free options. More information on the catering will be announced at a later date.

Other questions

I’m a musician and I’d like to perform (with our band) at CaDansa, is that possible?

You can always contact us. Leave us your name and information and who knows: maybe you’ll be playing for us next CaDansa!

How can I contact CaDansa?

You can reach us through e-mail or send us a message on Facebook.

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