Could CaDansa be possible within those 1,5 meter boundaries?

Technically, CaDansa could be possible with the social distancing rules. But if the 1,5 meter distance were to be maintained, we could welcome far fewer dancers to our festival. In addition, many balfolk dances wouldn’t be possible, except perhaps with one fixed dance-partner. This would drastically change the atmosphere, which is very important to us, and it wouldn’t really be CaDansa that way.

When is CaDansa 2021?

CaDansa 2021 will take place from 21 October till 24 October 2021, once again in Steenwijk. Due to the current circumstances, we’re experiencing some delays in communicating with accommodations. We’re working with them to make great deals for you to sleep in the Steenwijk area. Of course, you’re free to already rent an accommodation, but keep an eye out for better deals. As soon as we’ve got it all worked out, we’ll post them on our website and announce it on our Facebook page. We’ll announce in due time what bands will be playing and when you can buy a ticket.

How about a different format: for example an online CaDansa?

An online event can’t be compared to the real festival: the live music, the atmosphere, and last but not least the dancers, we simply cannot recreate this online. We have therefore decided not to organise an online CaDansa. That doesn’t mean you should miss balfolk: there are plenty of other (online) balls and activities which you can attend.

What are we missing now that there is no CaDansa 2020, which bands would have played?

We have invited all bands and workshop teachers that would come to CaDansa this year for a next edition. So we would like to keep that a surprise!

What about the coronavirus in the Netherlands?

Each country has their own way of dealing with the virus. Our decisions are based on information, rules and guidelines from the government of the Netherlands. You can find the latest information and more at Rijksoverheid.

My question isn't answered here, how can I contact you?

You can contact us through e-mail or Facebook. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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