Program Main Stage 2022

This schedule is subject to change.

Thursday 20 October

  • 18.30 hrs Balfolk introduction in the open stage
  • 19.15 hrs  Exqueezit (Nl)
    Bert (who you might know from EmBRUN, Elanor and Airboxes among others) and Erik (known from The Assasenachs, Itchy Fingers and de Gonnagles among others) met eachother in 2006 at Vliers, Texel. Bert taught Erik the tricks for playing Balfolk here. When Bert was more often in the north of the Netherlands in 2018, he ran into Erik in the Irish Pub O’Ceallaigh in Groningen. Soon, they knew that they loved playing music together and it was here that they made plans for playing as a duo at the 15th anniversy of Balfolk in Café Wilhelmina, Eindhoven. Half a year later, they did this again at Elfia Haarzuilens 2019, from which sprouted Exqueezit. With a mutual respect for each others musical background and style of playing (Erik more Irish/Scottish and Bert more Balfolk), Exqueezit brings us amazing Balfolk with French/Flemish influences, as well als Celtic. No matter if you’re dancing or listening, you can’t help but enjoy yourself!

    Bert Leemans: chromatic accordion
    Erik de Jong: piano accordion

  • 21.00 hrs Tref! (Be)
    Tref! is the meeting of Bruno Le Tron, Didier Laloy, Wim Claeys, and Frédéric Malampré. It is Flanders and Wallonia united, Belgian excellence in the matter of diatonic accordion. This musical research library is 10 years in the making and yet has not reached its limits. These virtuoso ambassadors of their instruments have traveled the world and played with half the planet. Tref! brings us traditional rhythms into their dialogue, jazzy harmonies, soulful melodies, rock grooves… In short, Tref! is unique music which, on stage, is always accompanied with a touch of humour. Belgian style!

    Bruno Le Tron: diatonic accordion
    Didier Laloy: diatonic accordion
    Wim Claeys: diatonic accordion
    Frédéric Malempré: percussion

  • 23.00 hrs Laouen (Nl/Be)
    Their paths had crossed many times before in several projects, so it was only a matter of time that Bert Leemans and Ies Muller were going to form a duo. And here it is! In a pleasant dynamic mixture flows Breton, French and Irish melodies, both traditional and new compositions, together seamlessly. The music of this duo transports you to another world and instantly invites you to dance.

    Bert Leemans: chromatic accordion
    Ies Muller: wooden flutes, bombard

Friday 21 October

  • 18.00 hrs Variomatic (Be)
    No matter which musician is in the driver seat, Variomatic switches effortlessly between contemporary folk to funky pop music. Or, if you like this better: from solid rock to intimate blues. Along the way, you might recognize a familiar tv tune or a old time hit. Don’t be mistaken, while you’re cozy in the back seat, these musicians are working well together, which will make you naturally want to go along with them.

    Koen Garriau(Living Roots): sax
    Guus Herremans(Airboxes): accordion
    Paul Garriau(Fluxus): hurdy-gurdy
    Dirk Verhegge(De Garre): electric & acoustic guitar, banjo
    Koen Dewaele(Kadril): electric bass
    Stef Van Straelen(Yevgueni): drums

  • 20.00 hrs Loogaroo (Be)
    Loogaroo is the new project from two experienced folk musicians. You know Pablo Golder from I Fratelli Tarzanelli or Ekko, among others. Pablo makes powerful and surprising melodies. Florian de Schepper is known from Duo de Schepper-Sanczuk & Broes and makes sure there are groovy, pumping rhythms. Loogaroo, not to be confused with the French word for werewolf (loup-garou), is a mythical creature from the Caribbean. This creature transforms itself into a ball of light and drives the night away. Loogaroo will similarly shine a light on a beautiful series of folk dances.

    Pablo Golder: accordion
    Florian de Schepper: guitar

  • 22.30 hrs Hialøsa (Se)
    Disruptive traditional music from a country that does not exist. Scania was the peaceful sibling of Denmark and Sweden, occupied and brutalised. The music by Hialøsa reflects that heritage: intense fiddles in three octaves, high voices, mourning something that maybe never was. Singing words of freedom in Scanian – a language considered threatened by UNESCO but still not recognised by the Kingdom of Sweden. The concert is about life, death and dance.

    Alva Bosdottir: fiddle, voice
    Malte Zeberg: double bass, voice
    Love Kjellsson: octave fiddle, voice

  • 01.00 hrs Ti Duo (Fr)
    Ti Duo consists of Alexandre Sallet (Beat Bouet Trio, DS band) and Antoine Morin (Toï-Toï, Trio Landreau-Morin). These two musicians developed Breton dancing music with very current sounds. Ti Duo is a joyful melange of the transverse flute, the diatonic accordion and a powerful rhythmic line on the stomp box. They play in a way that provokes a response from the audience, this makes for an interactive experience.

    Alexandre Sallet: diatonic accordion, chant, stomp box
    Antoine Morin: transverse flute

Saturday 22 October

  • 16.00 hrs Noiranomis (Fr/Be)
    A voice, an accordion. A music to dance to, both dreamful and playful, bursting with energy and warmth, with engagement and intensity.
    One accordion, one voice. It’s all so simple, yet so full of possibilities: so step in and let us guide you.

    Simon Gielen: accordion
    Marion Blanchard: chant

  • 18.00 hrs Duo du Balcon (Fr)
    Duo du Balcon is a duo made up of the Congrega brothers, who have been existing in the world of bal folk and traditional music for 12 years. They have been making us dance “funkttish” and “bluesurka” in this sparkling guitar project. Located somewhere between Irish sounds and rock spirit, and some 90’s dance spices, accentuated by energetic riffs or “Floydian” passages. This little duo has a whole universe to make you discover through a dance floor… Will you come join us?

    Jérémie Congrega: guitar
    Aurélien Congrega: bouzouki

  • 20.15 hrs Trio Baladins (Fr)
    Trio Baladins is a lovely combination of shaggy beards, subtly entangled hairs, a hint of complicit glance, clapping strings, boldly plucked fiddlesticks and expertly scuffed voices. They are three, just what’s needed. The man of the woods and his hat with feathers, the pride gypsy guy, and for the gentle touch (and essential for the balance of the band) a little spicy and curly redhead. They found their colors in a bucolic circus lifestyle so their music and dances have a taste of travels, adventures and brotherhood. In order to please your inveterate dancer’s feets and hearts, they swapped their dancing shoes for their scraped strings and winded accordion.

    Bryan Bird: guitar
    Julien Boé: accordion, guitar
    Elisa Moroldo-Fizet: violin, singing

  • 22.30 hrs Fahrenheit (Fr)
    Fahrenheit turns the skills of four singer/musicians into music for dance. The band reveals their traditional, electronic and pop music influences throughout Europe’s balfolk and festnoz hottest dance floors. Fahrenheit’s choice repertoire ranges from Alexandre Sallet’s Hanter-dros, Remi Kesteman’s Mazurkas, Simon McDonnell’s Irish songs and Antoine Morin’s Breton Ridées. Security warning: 96° F is the minimum temperature when the power engines start and the dancers begin to take off to their full and vibrant sound… No seat belts required!

    Alexandre Sallet: diatonic accordion, stomp box, voice
    Antoine Morin: wooden flute, voice
    Simon McDonnell: guitar, banjo, voice
    Remi Kesteman: cello, voice

  • 00.45 hrs Mr. Folxlide (Cz)
    Mr. Folxlide is the ultimate Euro-folk/blues crossover. European folk dance music with the raw sound of the American cigar box guitars. And old time blues & Americana adapted for the European balfolk dancing. Mr. Folxlide is a one-man band. Cigar box guitars, simple percussions and looper. Raw and haunting. Road tested at balfolk festivals all around Europe, and now it is time to visit Steenwijk, NL!

    Mr. Folxlide: Cigar box, looper, voice

Sunday 23 October

  • 13.00 hrs Wim te Groen (Nl)
    Wim te Groen came in contact with Balfolk around 2010. The strong connection between music and dance/movement appealed to him from the start. It inspired Wim to compose his first Balfolk piece in 2013. Wim says: “It opened up such a wonderful new world to me. The new rhythms and the huge freedom in certain aspects. It gave me lots of inspiration. Many works followed in the past years. I love mellow tunes, dissonants, fragile melodies and dynamics bringing passages to a climax. I also love variations in rhythm, which resulted in a Mazurka in 13, Mazurka/Scottish, hybrid Waltzes in 8/5 and 5/11, a Gavotte de l`aven/Waltz and even a polka/wals/scottish!”

    Wim te Groen: piano

  • 14.45 hrs DiaTon(De/Be)
    DiaTon is the result of the incredible meeting between the two accordion players. Johannes Uhlmann from Saxony and Simon Gielen from Liège/Lüttich. Both of them are lovers of European folk music. Their repertoire of diatonic accordion has a wide variety and comprises traditional music as well as their own compositions. The musicians play dance music for balfolk and concerts.

    Johannes Uhlmann: accordion
    Simon Gielen: accordion

  • 16.45 hrs Bargainatt (Fr)
    From compositions to revisits of traditional tunes, Bargainatt invites you to discover his universe at the same time modern and authentic. The musicians take their inspiration from the dances of various regions of France that matter to them, trying to best respect the subtleties and traditions of these. From Auvergne to Bretagne, via Poitou and Gascogne, Bargainatt
    offers you a journey with multiple colors and influences, full of energy and freshness.

    Camille Simbre: violin, vocals
    Youmi Bazoge: violin, vocals
    Léon Ollivier: diatonic accordion, vocals
    Noé Bazoge: cello, vocals

  • 18.30 hrs Closing ceremony

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