It’s here! The poster for CaDansa 2019! 🏕

This year, we will explore new terrain, as the festival is moving from Duiven to Steenwijk. Pack your sleeping bag: we’re going on an adventure!

As a child, we used to spend many camping trips with our nose in a holiday puzzle book. So here’s one for the bands! We’ve filled out the CaDansa-letters to get you started, and as an extra hint, the o… 
for Otter, our youngest mascot . Isn’t he dapper?

These coming weeks, we’ll announce 1 band every Thursday. So keep an eye on the program page. But maybe you’ll guess them first?

Start ticket sale

21 March 2019

On Saturday, the 11th of May at 12.00 p.m. (CEST), the ticket sale will start! There’s more information about this on our ticket page.

A place to sleep!

14 February 2019

You want to get some sleep in between all the dancing during CaDansa? We’ve got great news for you! Our list with hotels, group accommodations, etc. is online now 🙂 . Please take a look at the Accommodations page!

2019 starts with a very happy announcement: we’ve found a new home for CaDansa! Theatre De Meenthe in Steenwijk will host us this year 🙂

“Great, yeah! Steenwijk! I’ve always wanted to visit Steenwijk! ….what exactly ís Steenwijk?” we hear you think. Well, you can read all about this fantastic place in our latest news letter!

Lost & Found Items 2018

25 November 2018

We hope you gained a lot of nice new memories and maybe some friendship or dance-knowledge at CaDansa. In case there’s something you lost something, you can now see at this album if we’ve found it:

Posted by CaDansa on Sunday, 2 June 2013

(open also for non-facebook-users)

If there’s anything that’s yours and you want it back, please mail us at questions [at] and let us know:

  • number of the item
  • description of the item
  • If you want us to keep it safe until CaDansa 2019 or if you want to pay postage and sent it to you
  • In case you want us to sent the item to you: please give us the adress we have to mail it to!

We keep everything up and untill January 2019. We’ll take everything to a charity store that hasn’t been claimed by then.


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