We haven’t been posting a lot lately. We miss you all terribly, and the corona pandemic is keeping us pretty busy. We’re trying to figure out a lot of questions. Can our dancers and musicians from abroad come to the Netherlands in October, what will the world be like then, could we make a balfolk event possible in a society where we have to keep 1.5 metre distance?

To give us a little more time to respond to the big changes in society, we’ve decided to move the start of the ticket sales. Instead of on May 16th, it will start on Saturday July 25th at 12:00 noon CEST.

Of course, we hope that we will be able to make CaDansa 2020 happen in the way you’re used to, while following the guidelines of the Dutch government. We’ll keep you posted! In the meanwhile: stay healthy, keep distance from each other and don’t forget to support Balfolk in these hard times. You can do this in several ways: listen to balfolk music on Spotify, watch a livestream and/or donate to your favorite artists if you can. And let them know you’re not forgetting about them ;). We hope to see you all in good health at CaDansa!

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