What would CaDansa be without her great swarm of wonderful volunteers! They take care of cleaning, our musicians, all beers and a countless amount of other tasks ! And above all: they are a big part of the one and only CaDansa-feeling 🙂

Do you want to join the team as worker bee and make CaDansa happen? Please register via this form! As a lot of teams are (almost) full, it would be helpful if you fill in more then one team of your preference.

In exchange for volunteering you’ll get access to the whole festival, including the special wednesday night for volunteers, you’ll receive a t-shirt and we’ll take care of food, drinks and a place to sleep, and, not unimportantly, we’ll be eternal grateful and you’ll get an unforgettable experience.

If you register as a potential volunteer, we’ll get in touch with you within two weeks.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to sleep in the school this year. So during the ticket sale, it won’t be possible to book a sleeping place.
We know that the hotel isn’t an option for everyone. Of course, we’re doing our very best to find affordable alternatives. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know!
In the mean time, some other sleeping options are listed on Accommodations.


Update on new bands!

11 May 2018

With just a week to go before the ticket sale kicks off, it’s about time we share some more details about our program with you. We’re very excited that the following bands will share their music with us at CaDansa:

  • Accordzéam
  • Grand-meres et soufflets
  • Nubia

Keep an eye on the program for more bands to come!
Do you have a question? Perhaps you’ll find the answer in our FAQ!

On Saturday, the 19th of May at noon, the presale of the weekend tickets will start. Last years CaDansa was sold out earlier than we’re used to, but definitely not on the day that the sales started! You can find the ticketshop and the information about the prices under “Tickets” in the menu.

The presale of the day tickets will start in September. The prices are published already, but we’re not sure about the date of these ticket sales yet. More information about that will follow later.

We’ve started with the first preparations for CaDansa 2018 this winter – and as you can see, with great enthusiasm! May we introduce our ‘new’ core team, from left to right:
Wouko, Marco, Selena, Jelrik, Cecilia, Elsbeth, and Eva! (and our little helpers)
We say ‘new’, because everyone has already been involved in the organisation of CaDansa and/or some serious volunteering – just never in this combination.

The 'new' team

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