Workshops Program

Thursday 18th October

Dansinstruction for beginners
19.00 – 20.00
By Jolanda Snellenberg

More workshops will follow soon!



We dance at the ball during the evenings, but during the daytime we got a great workshop program!
At Friday and Saturday we offer all kinds of music- and danceworkshops. Besides this, we try to inspire you each year with some special ‘different type of’ workhops. These workshops are perhaps the less obvious choice for a dance- and musicfestival, but we think they do have a good impact on your dancing. Such as meditation- or yoga-workshops, for example.

Dance initiation

Before the first band starts at Thursday, there’s a short introduction for all who haven’t danced balfolk (a lot) yet. You learn the basic steps in just an hour, so you can participate in the most common dances!

Access to workshops

A weekend ticket includes access to all workshops.
A day ticket does not! You can buy a workshop passepartout for 25 euros at the cash register at  CaDansa or at the workshop location.

Registration for dance workshops

The number of participants is limited for all workshops. You can’t enroll for this kind of workshop, so be on time!

Registration for music workshops

For the music workshop, we want you to register in advance, because here the capacity is much more limited. We will put up a link to register for this kind of workshop later. For music workshops that are not filled up in advance, you may also sign up during the festival at the info stand. (Preferably not during the most busy moment, try to find a quiet moment please).

Guarding your instruments

There’s a ‘consigne’ where you can leave your instrument when your not using them. This is at your own risk, but we’ll try our best to keep your instruments safe by either locking the door or one of our super-volunteers will guard them with their life!



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