Workshop program

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This schedule is subject to change

Thursday 18th of October

18.30 – 19.15

Friday 19th of October

13.00 – 15.00

  • Jolanda Snellenberg Mazurka for beginners
    More information will follow!
  • Koen Dhondt Sauts béarnais
    Dance workshop: Sauts béarnais by Koen Dhondt
    We’ll discover the Béarn-version of the Sauts Basques: circle dances with a choreography of different steps. ‘Les 7 sauts’ (the 7 jumps) is the most famous dance of this repertoire. Come to the workshop and you’ll be able to dance 7 sauts during the bal of Cocanha!
    We will learn 7 sauts, Pantelon, Peiroton, Mariana, Saut de Garona, and maybe La Craba… and some variations.Level:  You don’t need any previous knowledge of this repertoire. The beginning of the workshop will be easy, and after that we build up towards more complicated dances.

    How to sign up: No need to register for this workshop. Just be there on time! 🙂

  • Wouter Kuyper (BmB Light) Intro to Diatonic accordeon
    More information will follow! No need to bring your own instrument.
  • Pascale Rubens (Naragonia) Diatonic accordeon
    More information will follow! Level: intermediate & advanced
  • Toon van Mierlo (Naragonia) Ensemble (music workshop for all instruments)
    More information will follow!

15.30 – 17.30

  • Floating Sofa Quartet Dancing Polska
    Dance workshop: Dancing Polska by Floating Sofa Quartet
    We will do a crash course in one of the most popular of Nordic dances; the lovely polska.
    Sweden is a long and great country with many regional styles of this particular dance. We will focus on the two main types of polska: the Southern Swedish hit variation, the “slängpolska”, and a more general “rund polska” (round polska). Both are couple dances.
    Slängpolska is characterized by a great deal of improvisation and the round polska can be danced to most kinds of polska music.
    We’ll work on how to do the specific steps and the movements, but also how to hold your body and get a good balance within yourself and with your dance partner.Level: The level will be beginner/intermediate and everyone is welcome (with or without a partner). If you’re an experienced dancer, this might be a chance to further improve your dance techniques and get deeper into the polska grooves.

    How to sign up: No need to register for this workshop. Just be there on time! 🙂

  • Rafael & Nele The Dancing Orgy
    Dance workshop: The Dancing Orgy by Rafael Correa Prieto & Nele De Beck
    In this workshop we will delve into your knowledge and familiarity of topics like connection, floorcraft, creativity, musicality, improvisation, and adaptation to sudden and unexpected changes. We will mix these elements up, connecting them in possibly unexpected ways. We will look for the boundaries of their applicability, and try to expand them, hoping to push them and
    your social dancing beyond your wildest dreams.
    By the end of the workshop, we will be ready to engage in what we like to call extreme partnership dancing . But most of all, the workshop will be about having fun. Lots of it!
    Intrigued? Join the party. Submerge yourself in The Dancing Orgy.
    Disclaimer: though it might be about the flowers and the bees, this workshop is strictly NOT about sex. (Or is it?)Level: This workshop is especially suitable for experienced dancers

    How to sign up: No need to register for this workshop. Just be there on time! 🙂

  • Bart Boskaljon Chacarera
    Dance workshop: Chacarera by Bart Boskaljon
    The Chacarera is an Argentine folk dance with structures quite similar to the ones we know from European folk dances like the Bourrée and Tarantella, but with a latin touch! The basics are relatively simple and in the workshop you’ll learn enough to be able to dance a Chacarera.
    We’re not going to do just the steps, but we’ll also search for the emotions and the feeling that we can find in the Chacarera. We’ll listen together to the rhythms, and piece by piece, we’ll create this amazing dance. Even though the Chacarera is a couple dance (man + woman), you don’t need a partner to join the workshop.About the teacher: Bart Boskaljon has years of experience in dancing folk and Argentine Tango. He lived in Argentina for a year to research tango, and worked as a Gaucho (an Argentine cowboy) to get to know the folk culture. He learned how to dance the Chacarera from one of Argentina’s most famous folk dancers, Daniel Urquilla.

    How to sign up: No need to register for this workshop. Just be there on time! 🙂

  • Floating Sofa Quartet Playing Polska (all instruments)
    Music workshop: Playing Polska by Floating Sofa Quartet
    In this ensemble workshop we will dive into different polskas – different grooves, different tempos, different feelings. We will mainly focus on two types of polskas: The “slängpolska” with it’s bouncy and groovy feeling and a “normal polska” with an accented 1 & 3 beat.
    We will play some simple melodies that demonstrate the different feelings and moods.Level: All levels and instruments are welcome; we will pick tunes that are fun and challenging to play at many levels, and maybe do some small arrangements, so that everyone has a chance to join in. The music will be taught “by ear”, but we will have copies of the music if needed.

    How to sign up: You need to register for this workshop. You can find more information at the bottom of this page.

  • Draailier & Doedelzak Intro to Bagpipe
    More information will follow!
  • Draailier & Doedelzak Intro to Hurdy-Gurdy (Vielle à roue)
    More information will follow!

13.00 – 17.30

Saturday 20th of October

11.00 – 13.00

  • Adriana & Joana Contact impro
    More information will follow!
  • Saskia Sportel Branle de la Vallée d’Ossau
    More information will follow!
  • Rafael & Nele What to do in case of emergency?
    Dance workshop: What to do in case of emergency? by Rafael Correa Prieto & Nele De Beck
    Picture this. The weekend is finally there, the CaDansa weekend!
    You’ve been looking forward to this moment since a long time. At last, you’re at the ball. You feel the excitement grow inside you, and take your first step onto the dance floor. You invite someone to dance, or someone invites you. It’s going to happen, the carefree bliss of dancing, together with somebody else.
    And then something goes terribly wrong, and your little house of cards comes crashing down.
    We all know the situation. We’ve all been there. A lot.
    Let’s explore the setting, the feelings and emotions involved, and look for ways deal with them, to rebuild with a more solid foundation, and even better, to avoid the crash to happen in the first place.How to sign up: No need to register for this workshop. Just be there on time! 🙂

  • Wouter Kuyper Diatonic accordeon (beginners)
    More information will follow!
  • Draailier & Doedelzak Intro to Bagpipe
    More information will follow!
  • Selma Emiroglu Circle Singing
    Music workshop: Circle Singing by Selma Emiroglu
    Singing without words, playing with our own voices, jamming and improvising vocally. Circle Singing is an old style of singing in community, celebrating the magic of the “here and now”. Sometimes it sounds harmonically, sometimes funny, sometimes mystically. Little musical patterns get sung repeatedly in circles, a second voice gets added, a group joins with a rhythm, perhaps somebody sings a solo… It’s a mistake-free zone. What matters is the joy of creating and listening to the sound spaces.Level: All voices are welcome in their uniqueness – loud, soft, shy, confident, experienced, just discovered…!

    How to sign up: No need to register for this workshop. Just be there on time! 🙂

13.30 – 15.30

  • Koen Dhondt Irregular Waltzes
    Dance workshop: Irregular Waltzes by Koen Dhondt
    A workshop on 5, 8 & 11 time waltz + variations. We will focus on communication, leading & following. Program:
    * listening exercises & musicality
    * 2 different basic steps
    * easy rhythmical variations
    * more difficult rhythmical variations, and some very difficult for advanced dancersLevel: intermediate & advanced. It is necessary to be familiar with the concept of leading and/or following and to have mastered proper dance posture. Experience with irregular waltzes is not necessary.

    How to sign up: No need to register for this workshop. Just be there on time! 🙂

  • Anita van Brunschot Dutch Dances
    Dance workshop: Dutch Dances by Anita van Brunschot
    It’s strange, if you think about it: a Dutch dance festival without Dutch dances..! That is why we’ve decided to (finally!) offer this workshop, covering a varied selection of Dutch dances. Because who still knows how to dance a “Horlepiep” ?
    We are going to work on learning older and newer Dutch dances. We’ll build up the steps and patterns, from fairly simple to fairly complex.About the teacher: Anita has close to 25 years of experience as a dancer in traditional Dutch group ‘Pieremachochel’, including several years as a teacher. She also dances ballroom, Balfolk and Swedish dances.

    Entry Level: some dance experience is recommended, in order to be able to do the entire workshop.

    How to sign up: No need to register for this workshop. Just be there on time! 🙂

  • Jolanda Snellenberg Creating your own dance workshop
    More information will follow!
  • Anna Jehanno (Solomalé) Polyphonic songs of Occitania
    More information will follow!
  • Raphaël Maillet (Accordzéâm) Masterclass violin
    More information will follow!
  • Draailier & Doedelzak Intro to Hurdy-Gurdy (Vielle à roue)
    More information will follow!

11.00 – 15.30

Sunday 21th of October

12.00 – 14.00

More workshop descriptions will follow soon!


We dance at the ball during the evenings, but during the daytime we got a great workshop program!
At Friday and Saturday we offer all kinds of music- and danceworkshops. Besides this, we try to inspire you each year with some special ‘different type of’ workhops. These workshops are perhaps the less obvious choice for a dance- and musicfestival, but we think they do have a good impact on your dancing. Such as meditation- or yoga-workshops, for example.

Dance initiation

Before the first band starts at Thursday, there’s a short introduction for all who haven’t danced balfolk (a lot) yet. You learn the basic steps in just an hour, so you can participate in the most common dances!

Access to workshops

A weekend ticket includes access to all workshops.
A day ticket does not! You can buy a workshop passepartout for 25 euros at the cash register at CaDansa, or at the workshop location.

Registration for dance workshops

The number of participants is limited for all workshops. You can’t enroll for this kind of workshop, so be on time!

Registration for music workshops

For the music workshop, you need to register in advance, because here the capacity is much more limited. We will put up a link to register for this kind of workshop later. For music workshops that are not filled up in advance, you may also sign up during the festival at the info stand.

Guarding your instruments

There’s a ‘consigne’ where you can leave your instrument when your not using them. This is at your own risk, but we’ll try our best to keep your instruments safe by either locking the door or one of our super-volunteers will guard them with their life!



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