Thinking patterns and accents in music
Music and dance are two sides of the same coin. There is rhythm, there are patterns, there are accents, which give us a way of moving or emphasizing particular moments within a repeating structure – that’s the groove. In this workshop we will break down some elements of the dances and take a look at their inner workings: how rhythm is emphasized and how it plays with or against the music that goes with them.

What you will need:
To be comfortable with your own instrument, some basic dance knowledge, & an open mind.

What you won’t need:
Extensive musical training, advanced dance knowledge, & fixed ideas.


  • You’ll have to bring your own instrument.
  • You’ll have to sign up for this workshop. The registration opens at October 5th, 16:00 CET.

Branle Béarnais, also known as Branle d’Ossau, is a little group of dances from the South-West of France. We will enjoy the impulse, steps and group-feel of this dance “en chaine” (in chain). Saskia & Arthur will share their experience and allow you to get the basics into your body. There might not be another opportunity to dance this dance during this weekend, so you can also see this workshop as a fun-filled time to enjoy the music and make some kilometers with the steps.

No workshop registration required!

Would you like more versatility in bourrées? Do you feel stuck or bored by bananas? Do you ‘lose’ your partner sometimes? Bump into others on the dance floor? We will have lots of fun going off-road with bourrées, into the unknown, and doing so together with our dance partner.

Specifically, we will explore bourrées in 3 times in couples, often referred to as ‘bourrée d’Auvergne’. Saskia & Arthur will share tools and experience which will allow you to: 1) improvise to the musical phrases, 2) become versatile in your moves and movement in space and 3) more fluent in communication with your dance partner. Saskia will show us a graphic of circles and lines, explaining the framework she uses in her dance style, allowing you to try this out in your own dancing. P.S. as an added bonus: these techniques help keep each other safe, because they help to prevent collisions with other dancers in a crowded space.

No workshop registration required!

In the balfolk room the global atmosphere is communicative in general, and consciously or not, everyone is a part of it. Either you are dancing in a group dance or just standing in the ballroom, you are sharing your energy to the group.

First, we’re gonna learn how to place ourselves as dancing couples in the bal, in order to let everyone dancing comfortably and in a fluid way. This is done by being aware of our own direction, position and space in the ballroom.
Once we’ve learned how to move harmoniously and with trust, we’ll explore the collective dances: what’s their energy, why were they created for and what kind of emotions do they bring?
Finally we’re gonna see how we can live our chain dances, circles (etc.) as leader and follower by feeling what’s going through our own body and for the others as well.

As a result, each one of us will be able to consciously being a part of a big and beautiful wave we’ve just created together!

No workshop registration required!

Intro to Diatonic accordion

5 September 2022

Have you always wanted to try out diatonic accordion? Curious how these instruments work? Or have you started playing recently, and could you use some help? Then join this beginners’ workshop!


  • There will be a limited number of instruments available. Do you have your own diatonic accordion or are able to borrow one? Please take it with you!
  • You’ll have to sign up for this workshop. The registration opens at October 5th, 16:00 CET.

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