Would you like more versatility in bourrées? Do you feel stuck or bored by bananas? Do you ‘lose’ your partner sometimes? Bump into others on the dance floor? We will have lots of fun going off-road with bourrées, into the unknown, and doing so together with our dance partner.

Specifically, we will explore bourrées in 3 times in couples, often referred to as ‘bourrée d’Auvergne’. Saskia & Arthur will share tools and experience which will allow you to: 1) improvise to the musical phrases, 2) become versatile in your moves and movement in space and 3) more fluent in communication with your dance partner. Saskia will show us a graphic of circles and lines, explaining the framework she uses in her dance style, allowing you to try this out in your own dancing. P.S. as an added bonus: these techniques help keep each other safe, because they help to prevent collisions with other dancers in a crowded space.

No workshop registration required!

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