In the balfolk room the global atmosphere is communicative in general, and consciously or not, everyone is a part of it. Either you are dancing in a group dance or just standing in the ballroom, you are sharing your energy to the group.

First, we’re gonna learn how to place ourselves as dancing couples in the bal, in order to let everyone dancing comfortably and in a fluid way. This is done by being aware of our own direction, position and space in the ballroom.
Once we’ve learned how to move harmoniously and with trust, we’ll explore the collective dances: what’s their energy, why were they created for and what kind of emotions do they bring?
Finally we’re gonna see how we can live our chain dances, circles (etc.) as leader and follower by feeling what’s going through our own body and for the others as well.

As a result, each one of us will be able to consciously being a part of a big and beautiful wave we’ve just created together!

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