Only 2 nights and then…. CaDansa! We’re almost completely sold out, with just a few tickets left for Sunday. If you’d like to come, please don’t hesitate too long. There’re some more tickets for Thursday available, and all people living in Duiven have a free entrance then. Take a letter adressed to you with you and show it at the counter.

Not quite sure of which awesome band plays at what day anymore? Have a look at our beautifully designed time schedule!

CaDansa is more than balls and workshops. Ofcourse there’s an open stage, and you still fill up a time slot – as a Silent Disco DJ, musician or with another creative concept! And then there’s a “Queen Bee’s market”, a clothing swap and a conversation table.
And there’s something not at CaDansa: a dresscode! Last years a tradition has developed to dress up in CaDansa-theme at Saturday. Feel free to do so this year if you like the idea, and feel free to don’t! There’se no dresscode and everyone is invited to come to CaDansa dressed exactly how you feel like it: just bee yourself 🙂

Is 4 days of CaDansa not enough? After the success of last year, there’s another post-CaDansa ball at monday! This time in Amersfoort, with Hot Griselda and Nubia playing!

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