In this workshop, we will explore what is possible in Balfolk with the diatonic harmonica. The Harmonica (Harp, mundharmonica, Mond- , …) is a neat small instrument, that does the trick if you want to play music and also travel light.

This is the first workshop Jos will give on the Harmonica in Balfolk. He discovered that many musicians has the Harmonica in their luggage, so as a self-taught harmonica-player he’ll need to be humble, he doesn’t know it all 😉. Hench the interactive part of the workshop title!

Jos will bring the things he knows and we’ll see together what we can do in two hours. You’ll get some background, but we’ll also play a few tunes together, there is time for joking around and of course, to have fun!


  • You’ll need to bring your own harmonica/harp. Preferable a 10 hole and preferable in C (most common). If you bring your own harmonica, make sure that it is proper one, the toy ones will not give you much joy.
  • You don’t have a harmonica? Jos also has 10 Hohner Specials 20 in C for sale. Normally they cost at least €30,- (with post), but he offers them for €20,-.
  • You’ll have to sign up for this workshop. The registration opens at October 5th, 16:00 CET.

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