Tai Chi / Qi Gong

10 September 2022

Taijiquan (Tai Chi) is an ancient internal martial art and is characterized by the slow, smooth and graceful consecutive movements that are called the ‘form’; body and mind are one. In this awareness process you’ll develop an alert relaxation, your breathing will slow down and the energy will flow through your entire body.

Qigong loosely translated means ‘the cultivating of life energy’ (chi) and you’ll learn in fixed patterns a specific form. The stretching exercises for specific meridians, organs and body parts, combined with good breathing, will help you balance and connect your body and mind.

Lesson structure: *Warming-up – from your head to your feet, we’ll softly stretch your big joints. *Walking and/or standing meditation. *Teaching the Ba Duan Jin, the 8 different exercises in the form. *Conclusion of the lesson.

Hans van Giffen has been teaching Taijiquan and Qigong for over 25 years. He has won multiple nation championships in multiple disciplines. He teaches in Amersfoort at his school, Silk Road.

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