Lost & Found Items 2018

25 November 2018

We hope you gained a lot of nice new memories and maybe some friendship or dance-knowledge at CaDansa. In case there’s something you lost something, you can now see at this album if we’ve found it:


(open also for non-facebook-users)

If there’s anything that’s yours and you want it back, please mail us at questions [at] cadansa.nl and let us know:

  • number of the item
  • description of the item
  • If you want us to keep it safe until CaDansa 2019 or if you want to pay postage and sent it to you
  • In case you want us to sent the item to you: please give us the adress we have to mail it to!

We keep everything up and untill January 2019. We’ll take everything to a charity store that hasn’t been claimed by then.


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