CaDansa seeds

23 October 2022

When we closed the festival together, you got some tree seeds when leaving the dance floor. You can grow these into your own tree! But to have a bigger chance of success, we want to share some growing tips/instructions with you.

The seeds you got, are Robinia seeds (known as black locust/false acacia, Robinia Pseudoacacia). You can plant these seeds throughout the year. The seeds need to be in moist sand and in a warm spot for a few weeks, with daily stirring. As soon as they germinate, they can be put in a plant pot.

This is an easily growing tree, which can be kept in check in a plant pot. The leaves are long and pinnate, and they grow from well thorned branches. The beautiful flower clusters carry a massive amount of butterfly flowers (Fabaceae), which smell lovely. In the end, the purple, maturing to brown, pods grow.

Do share it with us when your own tree grows! 🌳

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