While it is hard to see each other right now, it is much more important to stay in touch. Sending cards all around the world can get expensive pretty fast (and the trees aren’t that happy with it), an e-card is a great and green alternative ❤. The fantastic Maartje de Goede, our designer, has made cards with the mascots. Another idea: send an old CaDansa photo! We’ve collected them here, all the CaDansa-years, look for a cute photo with one of your dance buddies! We’ll start with a card for all of you here ✉.

Of course, you can just send the photo to them, but pimping it makes it even more fun! We love to use this site: you can upload your own stickers and/or use theirs. Also good to know: you don’t have to create an account! Without an account, you can’t send the card directly, but sharing a link or downloading your card to send it through e-mail is possible.


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