Verhaaltje voor het slapen gaan

Elke avond, nadat de laatste tonen van de laatste band zijn weggestorven, heeft Selena een verhaaltje voor het slapen gaan voorgelezen. Dit verhaal, geschreven door Rianne Werring, speciaal voor deze tiende editie van CaDansa, is hieronder terug te lezen.

The Squirrel's Birthday bash - part one

The Squirrel’s Birthday Bash – part one
Once upon a time there live a squirrel in a tree
A gentle little fellow with a wish at heart, you see:
For his anniversary he wished that there would be
A great big celebration with his friends and family

On a weekday in October the Squirrel went out to buy
Flags on strings and big balloons; ingredients for pie;
snacks and drinks and everything: whatever caught his eye
and dinner! Would he order in? Italian or Thai?

Walking trough the aisles he got his calculator out
who would be attending? There was Fox, without a doubt,
his neighbors Bee and Octopus would also be about
and his best buddy Peacock who he could not do without!

Friend Otter might be coming, and if Owl could make his way
he would surely be attending, and might bring along a prey!
Such as Mouse or Hedgehog, who would most likely stay
and join the celebrations on this very special day.

If Whale would be attending he would need everything twice
for a Whale cannot be satisfied with just a single slice
of pie or cake or pizza; and seafood would be nice
to share with buddy Otter (Cockels, to be precise!).

For each and every friend the Squirrel brought a special threat:
the Peacock preferred insects, the Fox would want some meat,
for the Bee he’d gather flowers, and pollen from each weed
he wanted to provide them with a favourite dish to eat.

What would he do for drinks? Just water for his friends?
He’d rather serve them tea, or wine, delicious coffee blends
these were his best of buddies, so he’d spare no expense
for a good host must be generous, I’m sure one comprehends.

The Squirrel carried all his bags towards his treetop house
on the way he met with Herbert Frog and spoke to Mrs Grouse
he tip-toed past his neighbors – Bee and Owl and Mouse –
whose curious suspicions he did not wish to arouse

and began the preparations for what surely would be known
as the single greatest party anyone had ever thrown
first: to write the invitations! A chore no longer to postpone
or the Squirrel might end up at his birthday all alone.

Next: the entertainment! The Squirrel liked to dance
He’d waltz and jig for hours if he only had the chance
to have live music at his party fitted perfect in his plans
so he took a look on Facebook and arranged himself some bands.

The Squirrel’s Birthday Bash – part two

Three days before his birthday the Squirrel was feeling beat
had trouble getting out of bed and make something to eat
Not a single of his many friends had yet RSVP’ed
and without them his party could never feel complete!

He stared with worry at his tea. Had he done something wrong?
When they all went for coffee, should he have come along
even though he felt unwell? Was he just too withdrawn?
Or when they discussed politics, did he come on too strong?

‘I can’t abort the party now, the bands have all been booked!’
he whispered softly to himself and tensely tapped his foot.
Surely something had gone wrong, he’d been misunderstood!
He should go out and ask his friends who lived inside the wood.

Thus Squirrel got dressed and went outside, bringing a slice of bread.
He did not have to look for friends: a friend found him instead.
His neighbor Bee was passing by. ‘Hello, dear Bee!’ Squirrel said,
‘Tell me: have you got any plans for the weekend up ahead?’

‘Plans?’ said Bee, ‘I think I don’t, but let me check my phone.’
Squirrel oggled him: ‘Is this a joke?’, he was about to groan
but then it clicked inside his mind: of course, he should have known!
They wanted to surprise him with a party of their own!

In that case he would play along, he thought, and said: ‘Oh, well!
It’s fine, I was being polite, you really couldn’t you tell?
I probably should move along, you know. No time to dwell!’
And he took off, leaving Bee be, without saying farewell.

‘Phew, that was close,’ he muttered, as he climbed out of the tree
And, having been preoccupied, avoiding neighbor Bee,
he walked into another friend, a woodland bird who he
despite his huge and fancy feathers somehow failed to see.

‘Oi, Squirrel!’ said Peacock, ‘Fancy that! How ever have you been?
You’re looking kinda different: tired, and a little lean
is it because you’re working on a brand new dance routine?
Also: ain’t it your birthday, this close to Halloween?’

‘That’s right,’ Squirrel said, a bit confused, but glad that he remembered
especially since Peacock could be a bit self-centered.
He recognized this small remark for what it represented
more evidence of a surprise! So sweet of him! How splendid!

‘Alright then,’ said Peacock, ‘that’s mighty good to know.
I’m glad I stumbled upon you and got to say hello.
But, as I’m sure you’ll understand, I’ve really got to go.
I’d planned to meet with Octopus about an hour ago!’

‘In that case, you should hurry,’ the Squirrel said in reply
Give all my love to Octopus and tell her I said hi.’
‘I will,’ said Peacock, ‘See you soon!’ They hugged and said goodbye.
Poor Squirrel still was not aware that things had gone awry!

Because the invitations to the party he would host
were still sitting in his house and did not join the post.
The Squirrel forgot about them, having been so engrossed
in the planning for the party that this went undiagnosed!

The Squirrel’s Birthday Bash – part three

Peacock sat in Octo’s home, having a cup of tea
They’d chatted and they’d gossiped for a small eternity.
‘I’m worried for a common friend, dear Octopus,’ said he,
‘I feel I really have to ask: did you see Squirrel lately?’

‘Squirrel?’ Octo said, ‘Not really, no. I have to admit
I have this sinking feeling he’s been avoiding me a bit.
Or maybe I’ve been busy, you know, that could be it!’
she said, drinking tea, ironing, and working on a mitt.

‘You have been rather busy. I do not understand
you always have a chore to do, or a job at hand!’
‘I know that,’ Octo said bemused, ‘it’s not like I had planned
to add another hobby as a drummer in a band!’

‘You drum? But that’s so awesome!’ Peacock shouted out,
‘You’ve dreamed of drumming ever since your tentacles came out!’
I’m happy for you, truly. Would I be allowed
to join your next performance as a member of the crowd?’

‘We don’t do such big venues yet,’ said Octo, with a laugh
‘but if we ever do, you would be welcome on our staff.
We have a gig this weekend, I could, on your behalf
ask if you could come along, then you could help Giraffe…’

She paused, and then fell silent. The Peacock asked: ‘What’s wrong?’
‘I have to check a little something,’ Octo said. ‘Hang on.’
She grabbed her laptop. While she searched, she hummed a little song.
‘It seems that Squirrel has planned a party for his birthday all along!

It’s in my mail. He booked my band!’ The Octopus exclaimed.
‘But we didn’t get an invite,’ Peacock bitterly complained.
‘None of us did, ‘cause Squirrel forgot!’ Octopus explained.
‘You know come autumn Squirrel becomes extremely scatter-brained.’

The Peacock sighed out heavily. ‘Very well, what can we do?’
‘We should go inform our friends: we both could call few
to inform them of what has been up, and then if they do too
then all will be resolved before the birthday party’s due.’

So Peacock called on Fox and Bee, who in turn told Otter
which lead to her taking a swim towards the deeper water.
She wasn’t at all upset that Squirrel had forgot her:
for all his brilliant qualities he was a rotten plotter.

After a little searching Otter came upon a trail,
followed it towards the shore and to her buddy Whale
‘Hey Whale,’ said she, ‘how have you been? Have you received my mail?’
‘What? No mail, I haven’t,’ said the big guy and turned pale.

‘Oh, I can see it on your face! Why don’t you wanna come?’
The Whale muttered: ‘I cannot go.’ He sounded very glum.
‘If I stay out of water I will shrivel and go numb!’
‘Don’t worry so,’ said Otter. ‘We’ll think of something, chum!’

‘Oh no!’ said Whale, ‘for I recall last time I was invited
and I really didn’t like the solution you provided!
It was nice of you to try, but the party was divided
between you guys and the aquarium, I felt really off-sided.’

The Squirrel’s Birthday Bash – part four

With the party ‘round the corner Squirrels friends had quite the day
they got together for some plotting at the Woodland Ground Café
and with a chore in every pocket and a smile they walked away.
They got ready just in time for the extravagant soirée!

As the autumn moon climbed towards velvet, starry dark,
Octopus arrived with Giraffe, Warthog and Lark
they set up their instruments, then waited for the mark.
Soft music started playing all around the woodland park.

Squirrel in his treetop house was feeling torn asunder
what should have been his anniversary had turned into a blunder.
He was about to drown his sorrow when the music came from yonder.
He paused to put his glass down and he looked up in wonder.

What was going on outside? He went to have a look.
The incredible display of joy had the poor Squirrel shook.
Party lights were strung from every branch and every nook
and a dance was going on in which each animal partook.

The Owl landed on his porch, with Mouse between his jaws
who held a tiny party hat between his tiny paws.
The Hedgehog on the Owl’s back had a bullhorn in his claws.
he shouted: ‘Happy birthday, Squirrel!’ A deafening applause

could be heard around his tree, followed by loud cheers
of ‘Happy anniversary!’ and ‘To ten amazing years!’
Next, a song sung in his honour landed on his ears.
It was all so overwhelming that the Squirrel burst into tears.

‘I can’t believe you all still came!’ the Squirrel muttered, crying.
‘It took a bit of planning,’ Owl laughed, ‘there’s no denying!
But our love for dance and friendship will always be undying!
Now come on down and dance with us!’ he said, and went down flying.

And so the woodland animals all danced for days on end
spend hours listening to music or talking to a friend
or partaking in workshops – there were so many to attend! –
in which learn the tarantella or how to play an instrument.

The Squirrel had the best of times, despite the initial stress
of all the party planning and his wishing to impress
with balloons and garlands, cakes and pies and more excess
when all he needed were his friends to make the party a success.

And I know you are still wondering: did Whale come along?
He did, he had a ton of fun and he too danced till dawn!
How did they get him to attend? That didn’t take to long
once they promised him that they would keep all of the sprinklers on.

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