Sweden has a rich and vivid tradition of music, tunes of simplistic beauty or complex rhythms and rich ornamentation. A focus will be to understand the groove, and feel the joy of playing these beautiful tunes. We will learn the music by ear, as we usually do in living tradition. The key to find a suitable accompaniment is to understand the melody.


  • Open to intermediate and advanced level guitar players;
  • The teacher plays on a guitar with DADGAD tuning, but other tunings can work too;
  • Workshop is also open to other plucked instruments, like mandolines, bouzouki’s, harps.
  • There is a maximum of 20 participants.

About the teacher:
Jonas Åkerlund is well known for his deeply personal and traditionally rooted playing and is an experienced teacher at all levels. He is a sought after soloist and ensemble player. He plays the violin, Swedish bagpipes, guitar, cittern, flutes or what is needed. Jonas has his main tradition from Dalarna, he is a “riksspelman”, but also a lot of repertoire and knowledge of music from other regions.

Eventbrite - CaDansa Balfolkfestival 2019

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