Self massage

28 August 2019

Massaging means being kind to your muscles. It is always nice to find someone to massage you, but did you know you can also massage most of your own muscles very well? During this workshop you will learn to massage your own body, focusing mostly on your legs and feet, as they are probably having a hard weekend. After that we will concentrate on massaging the neck and shoulders of each other.

NB: It is recommended to bring a sleeping bag, towel, coat, or something else to make sitting on the ground more comfortable. You also might want to freshen up your feet before massaging them.

About the teacher:
Jan-Herman is a professional masseur and passionate dancer. He has more than 15 years experience with massage and has his own massage practice named Ganesha. He mostly uses Western massage techniques, but has some Eastern techniques in his repertoire. Additionaly, he has been a dancer for more than 50 years. Starting out with ballet as a child, he later focussed on other dances like balfolk, blues, and Argetinian tango.

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