Circle singing & dancing

24 August 2019

Do you remember the humming bee-HanterDro in the closing ceremony at CaDansa 2018? In a similar way we will bring together Circle Songs and Balfolk dances.

During the first half of the workshop, we will only play with our voices, sing without words, jam and improvise vocally. This will be similar to the Circle Singing workshop on Friday 12am, but with focus on different dancing rhythms.

In the second half we will add dancing – try out a “Ba Duba Day”-melody with a Hanter Dro, a “Mu tacka Don tack tack”-rhythm to an Andro… and maybe even a “Ya sey yo wadn do…”-pattern for a Mazurka.


  • All voices and dancing levels are welcome in their uniqueness, no experience needed!
  • There is a maximum of 30 participants

Eventbrite - CaDansa Balfolkfestival 2019

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