We dance with our hearts, souls, and bodies, but sometimes we’re so occupied with the steps, the rhythm and our partner, that we stop listening to our own body. Sound familiar? Being stuck in your own thought so deeply that you hardly feel your partner or hear the music anymore? In this workshop we’ll be working on body awareness, in every aspect. We’ll focus on breathing, and how this can help us in various dances, as well as our connection with the floor, and how we can use it to improve our leading ability. Other topics include the awareness of the length of different body parts, playing with body tension, giving and receiving weight, and finding balance.

  • Make sure to wear clothes that allow freedom of movement, including when lying on the floor. In particular we do not advise dresses, panties, tight trousers, or clothes that you’d rather not lie on the floor with.
  • There is a maximum of 40 dancers;
  • Suitable for all levels. Basic knowledge of the Scottish, Waltz, and Mazurka is required.

About the teacher:
Sophie van Grinsven mainly works a contemporary and improvisation dance teacher, but also has broad experience with classical ballet, ballroom, jazz, contact improvisation, and mime. She uses this diverse background to show her students the many roads that lead to Rome in the world of dancing. “More is more” applies! Sophie leads many different (improvisation) dance projects and aims to give everyone the chance to express themselves by dancing, within their own limits.

Eventbrite - CaDansa Balfolkfestival 2019

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