Program Main Stage

The program will be announced soon.

Thursday 24th of October

  • 18.30 hrs 
  • 19.15 hrs 
  • 21.00 hrs 
  • 23.00 hrs

Friday 25th of October

  • 18.00 hrs
  • 20.15 hrs
  • 22.30 hrs
  • 01.00 hrs 

Saturday 26th of October

  • 16.00 hrs
  • 18.00 hrs
  • 20.15 hrs
  • 22.15 hrs Laüsa (Fr)

    Laüse [lahuzo] means in Gascon: “Incandescent parcel that detaches itself from an inflamed body or springs from the friction of two bodies”

    Laüsa is a musical journey through songs that draws its identity from the Gascon musical tradition and allows a few detours. Their music is multiple, open and generous: we can hear Mediterranean and Atlantic influences, as well as sounds borrowed from current music.

    Rich with texts and personal compositions, as well as repertoire resulting from carefully arranged collections, Laüsa brings a new look on traditional music.

    Lolita Delmonteil Ayral: accordion, chant
    Camille Raibaud: violin, mandolin, chant
    Julien Estèves: bouzouki, guitar tenor, chant
    Juliette Minvielle: chant, percussion


  • 00.45 hrs

Sunday 27th of October

  • 13.00 hrs
  • 14.45 hrs
  • 16.45 hrs Sirus (Fr/S)
    Sirus is a quartet, made by a collaboration between two duo constellations with strong deep roots and wildly untamed imagination. Jonas and Josefina play music based on Swedish traditional music, allowing an embroidery of free associations to embellish their tunes. Sophie and Baltazar play music where communication and improvisation meets in the tonality of French and Hungarian traditional music. As a quartet, Sirus plays their own compositions making a new painting each time they meet, with sparkling colors and new patterns showing a picture of music with one foot in the traditional music and the other in a wider musical practice.

    Sophie Cavez: accordion
    Baltazar Montanaro: baryton violin
    Josefina Paulson: nyckelharpa
    Jonas Åkerlund: fiddle, guitar

  • 18.30 – 19.30 hrs Closing ceremony

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