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Thursday 24th of October

  • 19.15 hrs Airboxes (Be)

    Airboxes is the project of Guus Herremans and Bert Leemans. These accordionists from two different generations have known each other for about 15 years and this collaboration in duo formation seemed inevitable. Airboxes solely play their own music in the unique combination of a diatonic and a chromatic accordion. Their first concert was in early July 2017. After playing on stages such as Boombalfestival and Castelfidardo (the Mecca of the accordion), they are now playing at CaDansa 2019!

    Guus Herremans: diatonic accordion
    Bert Leemans: chromatic accordion

  • 21.00 hrs Dour / le Pottier Quartet(Fr)

    Inspired both by traditional fiddle players (Brittany, France, Sweden…) and middle-eastern sounds, as well as by classical harmonies and rock riffs, this quartet is a real musical melting pot. The quartet from Central Brittany was born from the duo formed by Jonathan Dour and Floriane Le Pottier, joined by Mathilde Chevrel on the cello and Antonin Volson on percussion. The groups music defies definition: it is subtle and wild, highbrow and popular. Neither smooth nor mild, it sounds like a tribal modal chamber orchestra, and it sounds great! (“La Gallésie en Fete” Festival in Monterfil, Brittany)

    Jonathan Dour: violin
    Floriane Le Pottier: violin
    Mathilde Chevrel: cello
    Antonin Volson: percussion

  • 23.00 hrs Itchy Fingers (Nl)

    Just looking at this band, with the virtuoso accordion play of Erik de Jong and the lightning fast guitar rides of Tijn Berends, you’ll see two pairs of hands flying over knots and strings. This will make your fingers start to itch! That’s how this duo got their name. Both band members are from the north of the Netherlands and have played for years at jam sessions in Groningen, where they decided to combine their musical skills. With just two people, they cover a wide spectrum of sounds and instruments.

    Tijn Berends: guitar
    Erik de Jong: accordion

Friday 25th of October

  • 18.00 hrs Arasta Bazaar (Fr)

    Take your cane and come dance! Arasta Bazaar is a moving dancefloor where the Turkish bağlama takes blues desert accents, sometimes oriental rock or electro and mixes it. A surprising oriental fusion at the service of folk dance; a versatile and modern sound.

    Sabrina Calvo: percussion
    Emeline Fougeray: bass
    Antoine Bernaus: electric bağlama, programming

  • 20.15 hrs Broes (Be)

    Broes started out as a quartet in October of 2009 in the streets of the city Ghent. They have build their own repertoire, ranging from folk to gipsy jazz. Some of the festivals where they have played so far are: Na Fir Bolg, Boombalfestival, Gentse Feesten, Deerlycke folkfestival, Folkwoods, Meire Morough and many more. In December of 2010 Broes then got selected ‘best upcoming band of the year’ by Folkroddels. In March of 2013 Broes expanded to a quintet with a bass player!

    Anouk Sanczuk: violin
    Florian De Schepper: acoustic and electric guitar
    Elke De Meester: chromatic accordion
    Simon Raman: drums
    Frédéric Dothée: contrabas

  • 22.30 hrs Hamon Martin Quintet (Fr)

    One of the leading and most interesting representatives of the Breton folk scene is the Hamon Martin Quintet. This band is considered the reference for its festive and swinging dance music. These five Bretons have been inspired by the Fest Noz music from their area (Haut Brittany) for over ten years and they transformed this tradition into something modern and very danceable. The band mixes the infectious Breton music with Arabic and Indian influences, unexpected improvised changes in melody and surprising rhythmic patterns. Singer and caller Mathieu Hamon is assisted by Janick Martin (diatonic accordion), Erwan Hamon (bombard, transverse flute), Ronan Pellen (strings) and Erwan Volant (bass). And, of course you may dance!

    Mathieu Hamon: vocals
    Janick Martin: diatonic accordion
    Erwan Hamon: flute, bombarde
    Ronan Pellen: strings
    Erwan Volant: bass

  • 01.00 hrs La Forcelle (Fr)
    Camille Raibaud: violin, mandolin, chant
    Lolita Delmonteil Ayral: accordion

Saturday 26th of October

  • 16.00 hrs Les Folkeux de Pie (Fr)

    The folk ball group “Les Folkeux de Pie” was born in December 2016 in Lyon, when five musicians from the symphony orchestra longed to play something different than concerts. The band is a string quartet and a flute or piccolo. Their repertoire consists of danceable traditional music from different regions of France and Europe, such as mazurkas, bourrées, Circassian circles and scottishes.

    Harmonie Malterre: flute
    Maiwenn Mérer: violin
    Ludovic Lantner: violin
    Manuelle Renaud: viola
    Pierre Cordier: cello

  • 18.00 hrs Trolska Polska (Dk/S)

    With riveting melodies and contagious energy, Trolska Polska pulls you into a mesmerising world full of funny, grim, big and small characters from the Nordic fairy tales and mythology. With countless exotic instruments, this seven piece band awakens giants, elves, pixies, fairies and other beings springing from the dark mossy woods, snowy mountainsides and rolling valleys through the mindscapes of Seebergs lyrical compositions.

    Martin Seeberg: viola, fiddle, composer.
    Lasse Væver Jacobsen: nyckelharpa, viola d’amore, fiddle
    Mads Kjøller-Henningsen: flutes, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe
    Søren Vinther Røgen: 12-stringed guitar, mandolin
    Magnus Heebøll: percussion, tabla, jawharps
    Alexandra Nilsson: cello, fiddle, song
    Malte Zeberg: doublebass, mandolin

  • 20.15 hrs Lo Bal del Lop (Fr)
    Lo Lop (pronounced Lou Loup) means the wolf in Occitan: an animal that howls to gather and maintain the pack. Guillaume Lopez, Clément Rousse and Jordan Tisnèr unite for a nocturnal fest and play their tunes for a meeting of musicians and dancers.
    This trio has a repertoire of dance songs of own compositions and traditional tunes from the southwest of France. The texts, mostly in Occitan, but also in French or Spanish, are real contemporary poems that describe with humor and depth the life at the balls, the lives of the wolves, the lives of people, the life here and now.
    Guillaume Lopez: vocals, flutes, bagpipes
    Jordan Tisnèr: vocals, string tambourin, flute, tambourin
    Clément Rousse: diatonic accordion, kick
  • 22.30 hrs Laüsa (Fr)

    Laüsa [lahuzo] means in Gascon: “Incandescent parcel that detaches itself from an inflamed body or springs from the friction of two bodies”

    Laüsa is a musical journey through songs that draws its identity from the Gascon musical tradition and allows a few detours. Their music is multiple, open and generous: we can hear Mediterranean and Atlantic influences, as well as sounds borrowed from current music.

    Rich with texts and personal compositions, as well as repertoire resulting from carefully arranged collections, Laüsa brings a new look on traditional music.

    Lolita Delmonteil Ayral: accordion, chant
    Camille Raibaud: violin, mandolin, chant
    Julien Estèves: bouzouki, guitar tenor, chant
    Juliette Minvielle: chant, percussion

  • 00.45 hrs La Lanterne(Fr)

    La Lanterne is first and foremost a group of four good friends who wish to share their common passion for dance music. Four lads who come from different backgrounds have been united by complicity to create a rich, powerful and diversified music: Nans Casanovas (guitar), Etienne Bordessoules (accordion), Johann Abadie (percussion) and Julien Casanovas (violin).La Lanternes will is to offer contemporary folk music that stays connected to traditional dances and that keeps our ancestors music alive whilst enriching it with more recent influences.

    Nans Casanovas: guitar
    Etienne Bordessoules: accordion
    Johann Abadie: percussion
    Julien Casanovas: violin

Sunday 27th of October

  • 13.00 hrs Duo Thézé (Fr)

    Music for balfolk, compositions with improvisations: mazurkas, waltz, asymmetrical waltz, scottish, chapeloises, cercles with surprises and tangos at the dancers’ request.

    Eric Thézé: piano, bandoneon, compositions
    Samuel Thézé: clarinette, clarinette basse, arrangement

  • 14.45 hrs Zigo (Be)
    Pablo Golder: diatonic accordion
    Florian De Schepper: electric- and acoustic guitar
    Ambroos De Schepper: saxophone
    Sam Van Ingelgem: bass
    Wout Van Liedekerke: percussion and drums
  • 16.45 hrs Sirus (Fr/S)

    Sirus is a quartet, made by a collaboration between two duo constellations with strong deep roots and wildly untamed imagination. Jonas and Josefina play music based on Swedish traditional music, allowing an embroidery of free associations to embellish their tunes. Sophie and Baltazar play music where communication and improvisation meets in the tonality of French and Hungarian traditional music. As a quartet, Sirus plays their own compositions making a new painting each time they meet, with sparkling colors and new patterns showing a picture of music with one foot in the traditional music and the other in a wider musical practice.

    Sophie Cavez: accordion
    Baltazar Montanaro: baryton violin
    Josefina Paulson: nyckelharpa
    Jonas Åkerlund: fiddle, guitar

  • 18.30 – 19.30 hrs Closing ceremony

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