Covid-19 measures

Last update: 09-06-2021


Will CaDansa 2021 be happening?

We’re working to make this happen. Right now, we don’t have a definitive answer to this question. We expect that in October it might be possible. It depends on a lot of different factors. The rules and guidelines of the Dutch government are the most important factor.

What happens with my ticket(s) if CaDansa gets cancelled?

If you have a ticket for CaDansa 2021 and it has to be cancelled or postponed: don’t worry! Of course we’ve got the option to give you back the money for your ticket and we might have more options available.

What will CaDansa 2021 be like?

We wish CaDansa 2021 to be the same festival you’re used to: nice dances, beautiful music and a joyful festival, for multiple days.


Do I have to be vaccinated to participate in CaDansa?

Unfortunately that’s not entirely clear yet. It’s quite possible that we can let you in if you have negative test results and/or proof of your vaccination. It all depends on the rules in October.

Am I obliged to be tested before I can join the festival?

This moment, with the current rules? Yes. In October? We don’t know yet, but that’s what we’re assuming for now. If it’s a requirement to let go of the 1,5 meter rule and/or to organise a multiple day event, everybody will have to be tested before accessing the festival.

What kind of test do I need and how do I get it?

Unfortunately, the government has not yet provided any clarity on this.

Do I still need to be tested if I’m vaccinated?

You might still have to be tested. We’re still waiting on a decision from the government about this, but if we had to guess right now, you just need a proof of vaccination.

My test is positive, oh no!

If you have a positive test result, we will follow the guidelines of the Dutch government. And of course we’ll make sure you get a refund for your ticket.

If a test result is only valid for 40 hours, do I need to be tested again during CaDansa?

If CaDansa will be like you’re used to, it will be longer than 40 hours. At this moment, it is not yet certain which requirements the government will have for our festival. When one of these requirements is testing every 40 hours, we will work on a solution and/or advice for this.

In the zoo, museum and amusement parks you’ve got to register, will that be obligated as well at CaDansa?

Yes, at this moment, we do require registration. That might be different in October. Of course we’ll be careful with your data and in line with the privacy regulations.

I’m not from the Netherlands, can I still come to CaDansa?

In normal times, you’re always welcome (and still are!), but for now we don’t know if our governments allow you to come to our land and join us at the festival. The current prediction is that almost every country will be able to join us. We hope to give you a nice warm welcoming dance if you can!

I’m coming to CaDansa from abroad. How do I get a valid test?

We don’t know for sure yet. The Dutch government hasn’t answered this questions, but we hope they will soon!


Which rules will apply to CaDansa according to Covid-19?

We’re hoping that the basic rules like wearing a facemask and keeping 1,5 meter distance will no longer be required. For now we’re planning with multiple options in mind.

What are the rules for indoors?

For now the basic rules of the Dutch government still are: 1,5 meter distance, washing your hands and wearing facemasks when you’re moving – not while dancing. When these rules change, we’ll change our policy accordingly.

How about the number of visitors for CaDansa?

We’re hoping to welcome as many visitors as we had the last few years in Steenwijk. There might be some restrictions because of Covid-19, but that’s not set in stone yet.

Other questions

If I want to help, what can I do?

We’re always looking for volunteers to help us (the call for volunteers will come between now and the ticket sales) and of course your ideas for an even better CaDansa are always welcome. Do you want to know more? Contact us!

I've got another question, how can I reach you?

Take a look at our other F.A.Q or contact us. We’ll do our best to answer your question.

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