Unfortunately we’ve had to make the hard decision as well: this year, there will be no CaDansa. At this moment, the Dutch government is prohibiting events like CaDansa until there is a vaccine. We’re also dependent on international travel for our dancers, teachers and musicians and therefore we won’t be able to guarantee that CaDansa can happen in October. We fully expect to be back in 2021 with another fantastic edition.

While we won’t be able to meet and experience an amazing festival with you this year, we do still have some costs (like this website). CaDansa is a non-profit event and we have some emergency funds, but not a lot. Below, we’ve set up a kind of ticketshop for donations, which we’re collecting through Eventbrite. They take a 2% service fee, but this will be included in the amount you enter. First, we’ll need to cover our fixed costs. After we’ve covered this, we hope to be able to support some of our other booked people as well (for example bands, workshop teachers, technicians). When we’ve collected enough to be able to do this, we will stop collecting donations (other balfolk people/causes could use some donations too).

In the meanwhile we hope you’ll stay healthy, dance a lot (alone at home or together, if that’s an option) and help other people in the balfolk scene as well. Please listen to Balfolk on Spotify, watch a livestream of and/or donate to your favorite artist if you can.

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