Seeing how we’ve had to cancel CaDansa, most of you probably don’t want to keep your arranged accommodation (we do encourage a vacation though 😉). We’ve contacted all of the locations with the CaDansadeal and you can find below how to cancel them.

How to cancel: contact them through Cancelling is free until a month in advance.

Residence de Eese
How to cancel: contact them through They offer to move your reservation to next year. Alternatively, you can discuss cancelling all together with them.

Is your accommodation not listed above?

You’ve probably made a reservation without using the CaDansadeal. If you want to cancel your booking, we advise to contact your accommodation. A lot of places in the Netherlands are giving vouchers or are offering to move your booking to next year. With cancelling, you might have to pay a (small) fee, but that will be stated in their terms and conditions. If you’ve got a cancellation insurance, that might be useful to try to get the fees back.

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